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Junkyard Dog ZSTRUT

Portable, lightweight and easy to use, these ZSTRUTS work on the “tension buttress” principal for quick and secure deployment. Constructed with a 4-gauge solid wall steel outer tube, inner threaded stainless-steel column, double ZipNut® adjustment and Simpson ratchet and axle straps, ZSTRUTS are engineered to effectively accommodate conventional and ultra-modern vehicle construction features. Each rescue strut comes with a durable accessory pouch and is powder coasted for an enduring finish.

Standard supplied with:

  • Self Contained for Easy Deployment;

  • Polymer Coated Base for Better Grip;

  • Base and Clevis Operate Separately so Base Will Stay Flat on Ground;

  • Large Clevis Allows to Pass Through the Ratchet Strap Head for Single Strap Triangulation;

  • Infinite Adjustment Due to 304 Stainless Steel Threaded Rod;

  • Comes with Accessory Bag Attached to Strut;

  • Simpson Ratchet Axle Straps Rated at 1,300 lbs;

  • Patented Zipnut® Technology Allows for Finer Deployment Adjustability with the Ability to Follow Lifts.

Features & Specs







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